Redhead Homestead
Supporting Redhead Homestead Online
As we continue to restore the farm and build our business, here are some fun ways you can  support us.  Especially if you are not local!
  • When we are not selling crafts at local farmers markets, you can buy them in our etsy shop!
  • The original redhead fancies herself a bit of a photographer.  If you would like to see her prints and other products for sale, visit society6
  • In love with essential oils already or wanting to learn more?  You can sign up with Young Living and be a part of our oily family.
  • If you cannot financially support our business, please follow us on social media - like, share and comment on our posts!  Leave us a review on facebook so others know how much you love our products (and our family!).  We really appreciate the moral support just as much as the financial support.  Sometimes we need it more to keep doing what we are doing!