Redhead Homestead
About Us
The Original Redhead and Hubby

In 1971 my grandparents fled the big city of Des Moines and purchased 27 acres outside a small town in Southern Iowa.  They somehow figured out how to raise chickens, rabbits, dairy cows and hogs.  They learned how to grow a garden, can food and build a house.  In 2013, my husband and I packed up our family, leaving California behind to follow in my grandparents' footsteps at their farm in Iowa. 
Redhead Kiddo #1

Kiddo numero uno loves taking care of the chickens and ducks on the farm.  She loves climbing trees, jumping on the big trampoline and riding her bike in the driveway.  She helped picked some of the 40 buckets of apples that came off our trees last fall!
Redhead Kiddo #2

Kid number two has been very helpful planting seeds and seedlings in the garden.  She also loves all the space on the farm to run around, jump, ride her bike and play with the other kids.
Redhead Kiddo #3

This spunky, curly haired kid is perfectly defined as "noise with dirt on it."  He is rough and tumble, but loves to help out mommy and daddy with farm chores.  He is also a helpful and caring big brother.
Redhead Kiddo #4  (at least we think it's turning red...)

The baby of the family is in love with farm life - the dogs, chickens and ducks, the cows across the road and the neighbor's horses; riding on the tractor with dad and the mower with mom.  He might be tiny, but he is a big helper.